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I have a lot of friends my own age who were all for socialized medicine, and wholeheartedly supported the idea of healthcare reform. We’re talking very, very, very liberal kids. They hate this thing. The overwhelming consensus among kids my age is pretty much as follows: We pay into social security which we KNOW we’ll never get anything from. In much the same vein, Obamacare is yet another way in which we’re being taxed to support a bunch of old people. Overwhelmingly, we feel that we’re being taken advantage of to subsidize a bunch of old people we don’t know, will never meet, and frankly shouldn’t need to be paying to support.

Maybe this never actually registered before, but taking advantage of one group of people to subsidize a bunch of people they don’t know, will never meet and shouldn’t be paying to support is the damned definition of socialism. That’s the problem with all this shit.  In the American system, your political enemy will eventually end up running the program. Remember that.  Young people, the system will be run by old people.  Republicans, at some point the system will be run by Democrats.  Democrats, at some point, the system will be run by Republicans.  Don’t give them the tools to oppress you in the first place.

If you are middle class, and you want to learn what socialism will really be like, go to a public school in a poor neighborhood.  Then, realize that socialism wants to run the entire country that way.  Every part of life, like an inner city public school.  Cafeteria food paid for with ration cards, assignments telling you where to go by someone who couldn’t do better than Guidance Counselor, and finding out that the work you do when you get there is pointless busywork in the end.


  1. jinkx says:

    What you are talking about is a goverment form that is called socialism in america (and some other countrys).
    Socialism means something entirely different where i live (europe).
    Here it means that the healthcare, wellfare, hospitals, basic needs are available for everyone, and not just the rich.
    It doesnt mean that we all get the same pay, the same food, and so on, but it does mean that people who cant afford to become sick get helped by the goverment, who does this from the taxes you pay.
    Socialists in europe want to expand that system and make basic needs available for everyone.
    The common mistake people make is linking modern day socialism to the russian cold-war socialism. Dont please. You’ll make socialism sound bad and that is exactly what is helping our western civilization move to the right (not as in wrong or right) side of the spectrum.

  2. Phelps says:

    We know what socialism is. It means the same thing everywhere. The difference between European socialism and Communism is like the difference between a canibal that only eats your leg instead of throwing you all in the pot.

    Here’s what you need to know about America.

    No one starves. The poor get government assistance to provide them with complete nutrition.

    No one gets refused medical care. Our emergency rooms are not allowed to turn anyone away who has a critical need, and every place in America has a government funded hospital where they can get medical care. They may have to apply for certain government programs, they may have to wait for hours, or they may get a bill (that they may or may not pay) but they don’t go away untreated. Our elderly are covered 100% through Medicare, and programs like Medicaid and S-CHIP ensure that children get medical coverage.

    America’s homeless aren’t on the street because they can’t afford housing. The homeless that are living on the street are there because they are either mentally ill and refuse treatment, or because they are substance addicts who refuse to give up the substance abuse to qualify for a shelter. The rest of the homeless have shelters and temporary housing, and a great many people are on government assistance to prevent them from being unable to afford housing.

    If you think that America is a place where the poor are starving and sick on the street because no one will help them, you are being LIED to to keep you angry and ignorant. I make socialism sound bad because it is bad. It is unsustainable, and it is threatening to be the end of Western civilization. In a free market, there are poor people and rich people. In a socialist system, everyone is poor.