Holder Considering Criminal Charges

via WSJ.

“We have what we think is a sufficient basis for us to have begun a criminal investigation,” said U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Tuesday after meeting in New Orleans with state attorneys general and federal prosecutors from the region.

And where might an investigation land? Holder on Tuesday said there is “a wide range of possible violations.”

Let’s see, the list of charges is obvious:

  • Embarrassing the Regime
  • Fraudulently Inducing Dear Leader to Take Ownership
  • Willfully Disobeying A Direct Order From the Dear Leader (“Plug the damned hole!”)
  • Heresy Against the Regime
  • Sedition (for letting the disaster happen right after Obama announced more offshore drilling.)

He’s right, it is a wide range, in this brave new world.

One Comment

  1. R says:

    Jesus Eff Christ. The goddamn hole isn’t plugged up yet – you know, the thing the government has now taken upon itself to manage? Fix one FUCKING THING BEFORE STARTING SOMETHING ELSE.

    Criminal charges? For what, specifically? You know, sometimes shit happens. What happened on the Deep Water Horizon blows big time; but I wouldn’t use that instance to invalidate the expertise that BP has on staff. They have a job to do and knowing they’ve got a criminal investigation coming isn’t going to make it easier.

    What, did Holder feel like he wanted to make himself seem like he was doing something?