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To the People Obsessed with Palin’s Boobs

To the shrews obsessing about this, it isn’t a boob job.  It’s this invention called a bra. That’s short for brassiere.  Here’s the wikipedia entry for further reading. You would think with all the sleuthing you geniuses are doing, you would have noticed the distinctly bra shaped piece of black fabric under the white T-shirt she’s wearing.

You should try one sometime.

Boris Johnson tells Barack Obama: Stop bashing Britain


It’s starting to seem like Obama got his emoting lessons from Al Gore.

Too drunk too link. (glass night at flying saucer.)

Update: Linked.

Abusing Your Children’s Credit


via Instapundit

I have a lot of friends my own age who were all for socialized medicine, and wholeheartedly supported the idea of healthcare reform. We’re talking very, very, very liberal kids. They hate this thing. The overwhelming consensus among kids my age is pretty much as follows: We pay into social security which we KNOW we’ll never get anything from. In much the same vein, Obamacare is yet another way in which we’re being taxed to support a bunch of old people. Overwhelmingly, we feel that we’re being taken advantage of to subsidize a bunch of old people we don’t know, will never meet, and frankly shouldn’t need to be paying to support.

Maybe this never actually registered before, but taking advantage of one group of people to subsidize a bunch of people they don’t know, will never meet and shouldn’t be paying to support is the damned definition of socialism. That’s the problem with all this shit.  In the American system, your political enemy will eventually end up running the program. Remember that.  Young people, the system will be run by old people.  Republicans, at some point the system will be run by Democrats.  Democrats, at some point, the system will be run by Republicans.  Don’t give them the tools to oppress you in the first place.

If you are middle class, and you want to learn what socialism will really be like, go to a public school in a poor neighborhood.  Then, realize that socialism wants to run the entire country that way.  Every part of life, like an inner city public school.  Cafeteria food paid for with ration cards, assignments telling you where to go by someone who couldn’t do better than Guidance Counselor, and finding out that the work you do when you get there is pointless busywork in the end.

Scratch a hardcore liberal…

Shut Up and Sing, Moron

Sir Paul McCartney is a moron:

A sweet moment, but McCartney topped it off with a bite. After thanking the Library of Congress one last time, he let it rip: “After the last eight years, it’s good to have a president that knows what a library is.”

Right.  Because Bush didn’t, even though he’s married to a librarian.  With a masters in Library Science.  Which Paul would know if he, you know, read a real newspaper once in a while.