Dallas police Lt. Scott Bratcher and Dallas County Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield asked lawmakers to allow law enforcement agencies to set up temporary roadblocks, called sobriety checkpoints, where police can look for drunken drivers.

“This is our No. 1 and only issue,” Mayfield said, referring to checkpoints.

In other words, the the only thing law enforcement wants is a system that lets them collect massive amounts of overtime for a ton of people to sit around in one place and delay and harass the general population, who did nothing more than decide to drive home.

Checkpoints are simply an end run around the 4th amendment.  They can’t legally pull someone over for no reason — so they want to legally be able to pull everyone over for no reason.  Why?  Because checkpoints take a huge number of officers, and a long time.  That’s a huge number of man hours, and almost all of those hours will be overtime.  That’s the point to checkpoints.  It’s riding the clock, and it’s costing you double — in the taxes wasted to pay for it, and in the lost time you pay sitting in a stupid checkpoint line.

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