More Graft

More waste that serves no purpose but to pay cops:

A majority of Dallas County commissioners said Tuesday that they favor eliminating constable traffic operations as part of massive budget cuts that are needed to close a $43 million shortfall.

The topic came up during a lengthy budget session — the first of many — during which numerous programs and positions were targeted for the ax. Everything is on the table, officials said, including a tax increase and employee pay cuts of up to 3 percent.

The constable traffic divisions don’t generate revenue for the county, and some have come under scrutiny in recent years because of controversies over towing and high-speed chases. Also, people have complained of speed traps, and some deputies have accused their bosses of instituting illegal ticket quotas.

You’ll never believe what is going on.  They are losing money writing tickets.  Why?  Because they can’t collect on them.  People just sit on the warrants.  Who is supposed to be serving the warrants?  The constables who are out writing more tickets.

Constable traffic operations have grown considerably in recent years, generating millions of dollars in ticket revenue for the county with the help of automated ticket-writing machines. But the county has struggled to collect the fines and is owed millions of dollars for citations.

Two constables have already said they will significantly scale down their traffic units to focus on their core mission of serving warrants and civil papers.

So why are they still out writing tickets?  Two reasons:  First, it is a “full employment” program for time-wasting constables.  The other?  Flat out theft and kickbacks:

The county’s investigation concluded earlier this year with a 91-page report that accused Cortes, among other things, of accepting bribes from a towing company that has an exclusive contract to impound vehicles stopped by his traffic deputies.

On top of that, there’s evidence that strongly suggests that the constables themselves are driving around these cars on dirty titles.

Every single person in the Dallas County Constables should be fired, all five Constables indicted and removed from office, and everything should be started from a clean slate.  The whole damned system is ruined.

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