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No one ever thought that Clinton might be a closet libertarian just because his middle name was Jefferson. Why are so many terrified that people will suspect that Obama is a closet Muslim because his middle name is Hussein?

Nearly everyone on the right thought that the tax cuts were such a great idea that they had no problem calling them the Bush Tax Cuts. If the HRA is such a great plan, why are so many on the left terrified of calling it Obamacare?

I don’t think either one really has much to do with the names.

Dems may use food-stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama’s nutrition initiative

Recording the Police

“I don’t have any hard and fast rule I can give you,” Cassilly says. “It depends on the circumstances, and if the officer in those circumstances had good reason to think he wouldn’t be recorded. Should a domestic violence victim have a camera shoved in her face and have her privacy violated because someone is following a police officer around with a camera?

Has this jackwagon of a prosecutor ever watched an episode of COPS? They do it all the time.  He pretty much described the premise of the show.

RTWT.  Police are agents of the state.  While they are agents of the state, they have no civil rights.  We do.  When they hang up their badge, and give up their arrest powers, then they get their rights back.

Price on Arizona Sheriff’s Head

Here’s the deal.  Sheriff Arpaio is a piece of trash.  I want nothing more than for this criminal to be removed from office.

But he’s ours.  He’s an American, and he wears an American badge.  If you get him killed, you are starting a war.