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CNN Punked

By O’Keefe. Allegedly.

For their next story, a giant expose on how they totally heard from Susie that Brett was going to TP their office.

Tea Party website 4Channed

You guys might want to stick with Scientologists and teenage girls.

Because the Tea Party is a huckleberry to your persimmon.  They don’t need botnets and DOS tools to take down 4chan.  They have numbers.

Everything counts in large amounts.

Phoning it in

Yawn. You clowns couldn’t do better than turning the ACORN logo?  Could you be any more transparent about who bought you?

When Peggy Left Barry

Maureen Dowd’s racist voices in her head have realized that the president isn’t what she thought he was.

If only someone could have predicted this!

Today’s Affirmation

If your beliefs haven’t changed since High School, then ur doin it rong.

Maturity requires change. If you still believe the same things you believed as an adolescent, you haven’t matured.