Real Weak Tea

Remember when everyone on the left side of the aisle was pissing and moaning about the TEA movement being astroturf?  Guess what?  This is what real astroturf looks like.

Organizing for America, Obama’s campaign arm now under the umbrella of the DNC, has been mobilizing union members and supporters to rally against a proposed Wisconsin budget measure that would strip workers of collective bargaining rights and force them to contribute more for benefits.

Leaders have initiated phone banks and on-the-ground canvassing, and relied on a social media blitz on Facebook and Twitter to build turnout.

Personally, I think Walker should be doing what Perry did, and send the Wisconsin equivalent of the Texas Rangers out to whatever state these cowards are hiding in, and drag them back.  And at the same time, he should be doing what he needs to to declare these seats vacant, and fill them with appointees.

Listen up, jackholes.  We said it in November 2008, and you heartily agreed.  Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you want to run off like petulent children.  ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

One Comment

  1. That is what that side of the aisle excels at, the petulant children thing.