Same as the Old Boss

So, just to make sure I’m following this…

Extended “tax cuts for the rich”?  Check.

Continued Drug War?  Check.

Increased unemployment?  Check.

Issuing executive orders and signing statements when Congress doesn’t do what he wants?  Check.

Gitmo still open?  Check.

Troops in Afghanistan?  Check.

Troops in Iraq?  Check.

And now, we have an unauthorized war against an Arab dictator to sorta-remove him from power?  (Which, for the record, I support in principle, but I’m getting serious misgivings about the methods being employed)


  1. Ron W says:

    There’s more:

    Undefended southern border with foreign/drug cartel OCCUPATION of Arizona territory–check

    free-trade sellout (NAFTA-CAFTA, etc) –check

    Police state (DHS-Patriot Act renewal-TSA)–check

  2. Phelps says:

    Yeah, but those weren’t things that he directly pledged to end.

  3. Ron W says:


    Barry did campaign (softly) against NAFTA, saying it should be “renegotiated”, but he’s with the CFR program now. I think he likes the idea of Mexican trucks roaming U.S. highways as mandated by NAFTA, just as did Jorge W. Bush.

    “NAFTA is not a conventional trade agreement…but the most creative step toward a New World Order” –Henry Kissinger (advocating for it)