Can’t Even Board a Plane With It

From the Ethics section of Obama’s Blueprint for Change:

Bring Americans Back into their Government

Hold 21st Century Fireside Chats: Obama will bring democracy and policy directly to the people by requiring his Cabinet officials to have periodic national broadband townhall meetings to discuss issues before their agencies.

Make White House Communications Public: Obama will amend executive orders to ensure that communications about regulatory policymaking between persons outside government and all White House staff are disclosed to the public.

Conduct Regulatory Agency Business in Public: Obama will require his appointees who lead the executive branch departments and rulemaking agencies to conduct the significant business of the agency in public, so that any citizen can watch these debates in person or on the Internet.

Release Presidential Records: Obama will nullify the Bush attempts to make the timely release of presidential records more difficult.

No fireside chats.  Not even press conferences.  Seven minutes with a regional reporter is enough to have Obama lashing out, as we saw with Brad Watson.  No White House communications being made public.  In fact, the White House started meeting lobbyists across the street so there wouldn’t be any records.  Regulatory agencies holding their meetings on the internet for everyone to watch the stream?  Hell, meetings about the internet are being held in secret. And releasing presidential records?

The president instead spends millions avoiding releasing a document that every single person here has had to provide to the government several times in their life.

Instead of writing the four line letter that jostled this document loose, he let one of the officers he serves as Commanding in Chief for be court martialed and convicted.

That’s who we have in the White House.  A man who avoids even the most basic promises he made on the campaign trail, in writing, and instead holds his pride higher than the lives of the men under his command.

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