Obama as political historian

Obama opined that Texas “has always been a pretty Republican state,” and I thought the same thing as Power Line.

Has the guy ever heard of LBJ? You know, the fellow who first brought us socialized medicine? Has he ever read a single volume of Robert Caro’s monumental biography of LBJ? It’s hard to miss the extent to which the Democratic Party dominated Texas politics for the duration of LBJ’s (long) political career.

Actually, you don’t even have to go that far back.  This is the Ann Richards state.  (The issue that brought her down and pushed GWB into the spotlight was concealed carry — keep that in mind when dealing with us bitter clingers, Barry.)  Clinton only lost Texas by 5% in 1996.  As recently as 2001 the Dems held control of the House in the Texas lege, and had complete control of the lege as recently as 1995.  You know — the Clinton years.

Is Texas a solidly Republican state right now?  Sure.  But Barry and his buddies have a lot to do with that, and share a lot of the blame.

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