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Objection — Nonresponsive

Anthony Weiner flatly refuses to answer the question: Did you send a picture of your junk out on Twitter?

There’s only one reason to not answer that question.  That is because the answer is “Yes, I sent a picture of me, in my boxers, with my semi-erect penis plainly visible straining against the fabric, to the entire world.  My excuse is I thought I was only sending it to a young college student who is, by the way, not my wife.”


Ace is confused.

I thought it was news when a Congressman tweeted a picture of his erection to a 21-year-old coed, but I’ve been reliably informed this is all just a misunderstanding not worth pursuing.

Carry on.

Here’s how the two groups shake out, Ace:

  • Guys who send internet pictures of their junk to women they’ve never met in real life think this could happen to anybody.
  • Guys who don’t send internet pictures of their junk to women they’ve never met can’t figure out how this could happen to anybody.

Which really puts the spotlight on Steny Hoyer and and a good chunk of the so-called conservative media.

Do the TSA Pokey Pokey

Sauce for the goose

It’s wrong and politically cowardly for the President to simply refuse to defend a law that he doesn’t like, like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  It’s just as cowardly when a Republican governor does the same thing in the other direction.

Look, ladies and gentlemen.  The legislature decides policy and passes laws.  The executive carries them out.  If you want to decide policy and pass laws, stop running for president and governor and run for the legislature.

This country is losing all concept of separation of powers.  We’re moving (and have already moved a long way) from the original concept of one branch passing laws, one branch enforcing laws, and one branch applying laws, to a terrifying world where all three branches compete to do all three at the same time.

Obama Lied, People Died

Is it safe to say now that since there has been no Congressional approval of our bombing of Libya, and that Obama has targeted Ghaffydy while telling us that he wouldn’t…

Obama lied to start an illegal war?

It Needs to be Asked

What was gutsy about Obama authorizing the operation to take Osama bin Laden?

Seriously, where was the tough call?

As near as I can tell, the only tough part would be the idea that if it was less than successful it might end up hurting Obama politically.  To any patriotic American, that’s no choice at all.

I don’t believe that.  I believe that there was nothing gutsy about the call at all — it’s a call that virtually any of us would make, any day, any time.  If you have a chance to kill or capture OBL, take it.

Schools vs Grocery Stores

A good article on the separation of school and state.

The only thing missing is the reminder that a single woman who weighs 100 lbs doesn’t even get taxed the same as the family of 14 — she’s taxed more.