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Government Spending

We are currently spending about $40 out of every $100 made by anyone in the US on the government.  US Government Spending As Percent Of GDP is 40%.

Let’s think about that.  Imagine the entire country is a business.  We (almost) all agree that some amount of government is required, the same way that some management is required for a company.  But here’s the question for the lefties — is it ever a good thing when management of the company is taking 40% of all the revenue?  Is that ever a good thing?

To me, it is the sign of a company that is bloated, incompetent, and in desperate need of a radical overhaul.  And I think the same thing about a government that eats almost half of everything.

Power to the people?  How can it happen when 40% of the power is being taken away from the People?


I had schadenfreude for a second. Then I realized that the ones who should have the cancer are the fools who started this mess, not the hired goons who eat their salt and carry out the plans.  But still — told you so. Told you so more than once.

The documents raise new questions concerning the radiation risks posed by the TSA full body scanner program. The records demonstrate:

  • TSA employees have identified cancer clusters allegedly linked to radiation exposure while operating body scanners and other screening technology. However, the agency failed to issue employees dosimeters – safety devices that would warn of radiation exposure.
  • The DHS has publicly mischaracterized the findings of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, stating that NIST “affirmed the safety” of full body scanners. NIST stated that the Institute did not, in fact, test full body scanners for safety, and that the Institute does not do product testing.
  • A Johns Hopkins University study revealed that radiation zones around body scanners could exceed the “General Public Dose Limit.”
  • A NIST study warns airport screeners to avoid standing next to full body scanners.

In other words, pretty much everything I suspected.

As far as the cancer clusters go, based on the dates, it’s unlikely to be the new pornoscanners.  It is more likely that they had a malfunctioning luggage scanner, and it’s killing everyone who was near it for more than a few hours.  What they have been hiding is that they were warned not to let employees stand around this thing, and avoided giving them the safety equipment that would show if something was malfunctioning and putting them in danger.

But even if it was one of the luggage scanners — a known technology, in use for decades, with long long service histories — that was malfunctioning this horribly, how in the hell can we trust them with a new, unstudied technology?  If they are this incompetent with the known stuff, how can we trust them with the known unknowns?

I also find it amusing (as in, horrifying) that they have redacted the John Hopkins recommended limit on how many scans you can have a year.  Because we don’t need to know if we are too frequent a flier.  After all, it’s only more radiation on top of the radiation you already get and can’t avoid while flying.

Oh, and on top of it all?  There’s a beam shooting out of the top of it where you can end up exceeding 100 mrem per year.  Do you know if that is pointed at any balconies above screening areas irradiating airport employees?  I don’t.  You’re welcome.

Meet the New Boss…

Patriotism — she’s questioning yours

Remember when it was out of bounds to question the patriotism of your political opponents? Remember when dissent was the highest form of patriotism? Not anymore.

SECRETARY CLINTON: …So I know we live in a hyper-information-centric world right now, and March seems like it’s a decade ago, but by my calendar, it’s only months. And in those months, we have seen an international coalition come together unprecedented between not only NATO, but Arab nations, the Arab League, and the United Nations. This is something that I don’t think anyone could have predicted, but it is a very strong signal as to what the world expects to have happen, and I say with all respect that the Congress is certainly free to raise any questions or objections, and I’m sure I will hear that tomorrow when I testify.

But the bottom line is, whose side are you on? Are you on Qadhafi’s side or are you on the side of the aspirations of the Libyan people and the international coalition that has been created to support them? For the Obama Administration, the answer to that question is very easy.

Of course, this time, it’s a Democrat bombing an arab oil-producing country, so dissent is no longer patriotic, just like when Bill Clinton, the last Democrat president, was bombing all the brown people he could find, from Mogadishu to Baghdad.

Military Leaks

The only time Obama worries about leaks:

The initial set of Afghan discussions had been marred by a series of leaks that infuriated Obama and led the president to accuse his military advisers of trying to box him in politically. Earlier this year, as the administration began to gear up for the withdrawal debate, Gates and National Security Adviser Tom Donilon sent out word informally that any leaks would be interpreted by the president as insubordination and as an attempt to improperly influence public opinion.

Is it insubordination?  Probably.  But that’s just the convenient club that the CinC can use to fight back.  What it really is has been unspoken — it is a vote of no confidence in the Commander in Chief.  Military guys don’t leak things to the press on a whim.  They leak thing that they think are important — things that will get soldiers killed and wars lost if they continue.

Are they right — both in leaking it and in their assessment of the situation?  I don’t know, but it has my attention.  There is also this part:

A third military official, speaking on the condition of anonymity in order to avoid publicly criticizing the president, said of the White House: “No one is talking about succeeding or winning… the phrase [Wednesday night] was bringing this war to a ‘responsible’ conclusion. I’m not really sure what that means.”

Yeah, you do know what it means.  It means losing without telling anyone that you lost.

Meet the New New Boss

2009: Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize for… well, no one is really sure, including the Nobel Committee.

2011: Barack Obama ignores the plain language of the War Powers Act and the Constitution in order to illegally bomb an oil-producing Arab country.

Now even things that other people say around him come with expiration dates.

The Difference Between Us and Them

Republican Candidates — Don’t let your staff assault citizens. I don’t care who they are.  I don’t care what you think their politics are.

Hands off, asshole. I would like to see that clown prosecuted for assault.