Another hole in the PROOF!!!!111!!!

Yfrog now denies the crazy theory from Cannonfire.

Which makes this extra delicious:

One last thing. ABC News has written that the Yfrog security exploit has been shut down.

So, Mr. Phelps, it appears that you were full of shit.

I’ll say it again: They would not have closed down the loophole if that loophole were not the way Wolfe tried to frame Weiner.

It’s over, Phelps. Your side lost. Even Breitbart now pretty much admits it.

I believe that, among right-wingers, the relevant expression would be…BWAHAHAHAHA!

Hope I spelled that correctly.

Joseph: 2:45 PM

I’m glad he said it again after banning me, so that there was no confusion.

Joseph Cannon: Clown Shoes.

Update: Just to be clear on my side, this confirms that Weiner sent the pic.  It was on his yfrog account, yfrog categorically denies that anyone else could send photos to your account unless you have them access to it — therefore, Weiner or someone he knows the identity of did it.  He has every reason to point the finger at someone — anyone — and has not.  Therefore, there is no one to point the finger at but himself.

The end.

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