Government Spending

We are currently spending about $40 out of every $100 made by anyone in the US on the government.  US Government Spending As Percent Of GDP is 40%.

Let’s think about that.  Imagine the entire country is a business.  We (almost) all agree that some amount of government is required, the same way that some management is required for a company.  But here’s the question for the lefties — is it ever a good thing when management of the company is taking 40% of all the revenue?  Is that ever a good thing?

To me, it is the sign of a company that is bloated, incompetent, and in desperate need of a radical overhaul.  And I think the same thing about a government that eats almost half of everything.

Power to the people?  How can it happen when 40% of the power is being taken away from the People?

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