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The brainiac running “Cannonfire” has apparently hit the Reasoned Discourseâ„¢ Wall and has banned me for… well, disagreeing.

Here is the comment that I would have posted there, if his partisan bullshit could stand up to disagreement, which it obviously cannot.

Phelps, your “secret government phone” theory is so utterly inane as to be unworthy of comment.

That’s what you are hanging your hat on? There’s nothing secret about it.

The Yfrog exploit was the method by which the framer inserted the picture. We know this because a lot of people — not just milowent — are now finding that they can no longer use this exploit. For chrissakes, do a little googling, willya?

I did. All the cites source back to here or LFG. Yfrog has no mention of it on their site or blog.

Now consider yourself banned, you lying fuck.

What lie?

Seriously, guys, take a look at the comments and see if you can identify anything even resembling a “lie” from me.  To this clown, if you don’t see everything 100% his way (completely with logical gaps and leaps of faith) then you are liar.  And a wingnut.  And on fishing expeditions.  And no right to ask anything.  Since you are a filthy rethuglican liar.

Take a look, lefties.  This is who is carrying your flag.  This is the guy being cited by major organizations in their apologies for Weiner’s dickcapades.

Update: This is rich.  After accusing pretty much everyone not a 101% Weinerite of being on a fishing expidition, our Emmy Award Winner says:

A screen cap of metadata can always be doctored, so a screen cap is not good enough. That’s why I want Dan Wolfe’s drives.

I walk back everything.  This is performance art on an Andy Kaufman level.  You suckered me in with your satire.  Touche, sir.  Touche.

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