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Idiocy on Display

So, the idea that one race is genetically superior to another is something that is genetically isolated to white people.

Got it.

Update: The video was apparently pulled down.  This is a shorter version, cued to the most idiotic part.

Quote of the Day

Whenever I see a cop wearing unseasonable black gloves, I think, “gang colors.”

Mike Vanderboegh

TSA: Thieves Stealing Anywhere

If you check your stuff, the TSA will steal it.  If you carry it through instead, the TSA will steal it.

Remember, you don’t professionalize unless you Federalize.

Some things deserve to go

Jazz Shaw is lamenting the loss of cursive.  I don’t.  Cursive was not a good thing — it was a good enough thing.

Cursive isn’t artistic.  Calligraphy is artistic.  Cursive is not easy to read.  It never has been.  There’s a reason that things like architectural drawings and drafted plans have used printed letters for hundreds of years — because cursive is too imprecise to be clearly legible.  Look at this plate from 1900.  That should have been the height of cursive, right?  All printed labels. Why?  To be legible.

I started printing everything about the time I hit Junior High (and was no longer forced to write my answers in cursive.)  I stopped getting marked down for illegible handwriting.

So what is the point of cursive?  To write quickly.  That’s it.  Everything associated with it has to do with it being harder to do and read.  It’s a class thing.  If your cursive writing is flowing and graceful, it means that you write all the time, and probably write for a living — marking you as upper class.  It denotes class because it took practice and time that poor people didn’t have.  It’s snobbery.

Writing sets and such?  Still useful.  I do send handwritten notes.  I print them, because the words on them are important and I want them understood.  I don’t feel any need to try to fancy it up beyond that.  Hell, I carry a fountain pen (it is a superior writing instrument, and I print faster with it — plus it is cheaper over the long run) but I don’t carry on with this old fashioned foolishness about cursive.

It’s nostalgic simply because you were forced to learn it.  You might as well be nostalgic about shorthand — it’s even less common and even more illegible.

We don’t write quick letters by hand anymore.  We make a phone call or send an email.  If you are going to send a handwritten letter, take a little time on it and print it.

How long has cursive been illegible?  At least 2200 years.  This is from Pseudolus:

Calidorus: Take these letters, then tell yourself what misery and concern are wasting me away.
Pseudolus: I will do this for you. But what is this, I ask?
Calidorus: What’s wrong?
Pseudolus: In my opinion, these letters are seeking children for themselves: one mounts the other.
Calidorus: Are you mocking me with your teasing?
Pseudolus: Indeed, by Pollux I believe that unless the Sibyl can read these letters, nobody else can understand them.
Calidorus: Why do you speak harshly about these charming letters and charming tablets, written by a charming hand?
Pseudolus: By Hercules I beg you, do even hens have hands like these? For indeed a hen wrote these letters.

Chicken scratch.  Has been for two millenia.


So the new smear is that Bachmann is unfit to be president because she has to take painkillers for migraines.  Obviously any party that would nominate someone who regularly takes painkillers is treacherously irresponsible.

Banning Mosques

I liked Herman Cain at first.  But as of now, I will not vote Republican if Herman Cain is the candidate.  The end.  I barely voted for McCain with his bizarre understanding of the First Amendment in regards to campaign finance.  Cain has an even more dangerous understanding — the idea that religion is protected… unless it’s unpopular.

If it is Obama vs Cain, I just won’t vote.