Banning Mosques

I liked Herman Cain at first.  But as of now, I will not vote Republican if Herman Cain is the candidate.  The end.  I barely voted for McCain with his bizarre understanding of the First Amendment in regards to campaign finance.  Cain has an even more dangerous understanding — the idea that religion is protected… unless it’s unpopular.

If it is Obama vs Cain, I just won’t vote.


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  2. Jeffrey H says:

    If it is Obama vs Cain you can always vote Libertarian. I think that is a more effective protest than not voting (in which case they will just say you are apathetic.)

  3. Phelps says:

    Nope. I left the LP when they decided to oppose the liberation of Iraq because they thought freedom was an American right, not a human right. They confirmed my decision when they nominated Barr the drug warrior.

  4. Well, the good news is, you will be able to vote because Herman Cain does not have a chance in hell of becoming the nominee. He doesn’t have what it takes and having listened to him several times now repeating that anti-muslim garbage, its clear he is like the archetype crochety old dude from the previous generation locked into a rigid set of ideas on a subject despite all facts to the contrary. The man indulges his prejudice against the muslim faith like a fetish.