Terrorist is Now Meaningless

Terrorist is now a word that you can safely dismiss when you hear it.  It, like a long list of words, once had a specific meaning tied to a particular way of doing things.  Now, thanks to Biden and others, that word no longer has any meaning.  Frankly, I think the Tea Party types should just leave it alone, because I think in the public zeitgeist we all recognize that it has no meaning when it is used now.  It just means “someone I don’t like”, and joins this esteemed list:

  • fascist
  • racist
  • Nazi
  • conservative

So, when you hear an American called a terrorist, just substitute a college sorority girl yelling “FASCIST!” in your mind, and you’ll get the right gist.


  1. mike w. says:

    Words and definitions have no meaning to the Left. They never have.

  2. HL says:

    “Words and definitions have no meaning to the Left. They never have.”

    The Left has made me distrustful of language, and in some cases, numbers.

  3. guffaw says:

    In an episode of TV’s ‘The Courtship of Eddie’s Father’, the dad’s mother asks if his friend (the long-haired director guy) is a communist. So, Eddie asks his dad, “What’s a communist?”
    His answer: “In your grandmother’s case, I think it’s someone she doesn’t like.”

  4. Can we add some to that list?

    Left wing freedom fighter

    Che Guevara

    It’s easy to label people as enemies when your pet party is in power, but when you become the minority and the laws you championed before are now turned against you, well let’s just say it’s not fun having the gun pointed at you.


  5. John Hardin says:

    Here’s mine: “Weapon of Mass Destruction”, the one-word version of which is “grenade”.

  6. Seerak says:

    “Liberal” should be first on that list. The American Left hollowed out that term of its genuine meaning (limited government, individualism) over a hundred years ago, starting with Herbert Croly and “Progressivism”.

    I’ve always considered it telling how most conservatives insist on aiding and abetting that process instead of helping to undo the usurpation…