The EPA Wants to Kill Old People and Babies

The EPA want to cut Texas’ power capacity by 10%.  10% is a lot.  We are already over 100% demand because of the heat and are having to go to emergency measures to reduce demand.

So what does it mean when the EPA passes laws that reduce our generation capacity?  People die.  People who wouldn’t die without the rolling blackouts that will result.  People are already dying; rolling blackouts will kill more.  Right now, the deaths are from people who don’t have air conditioners.  The city is actually doing a decent job of getting AC to those people.  I would rather see charity doing that work, but at least it is happening.

When the blackout happens, no one has AC.  And instead of deaths from the small percentage of the population in Dallas that hasn’t gotten an AC unit, we have a wide swath of people being put in danger.  Those in danger are the most vulnerable — infants and the elderly.  This isn’t just heat, either — the same problem can happen in winter, and this year already experienced rolling blackouts.  Dropping capacity by 10% can end up causing long blackouts during winter, resulting in freezing deaths, and even more expense and danger from burst pipes, which can end up contaminating the drinking water rather than just effecting the home with the burst pipes.

Electricity is civilization.  The people who want to limit electrical generation and ban the Edison bulb are enemies of civilization.  These people refuse to stop meddling with the most basic of modern necessities — that when you flip the switch in your house, you get light.  They want to reach into your living room, and change all the bulbs — and after that, they want to make it so that sometimes it doesn’t even work — so that you can breath .01% better air.

In the dark.  And the cold.

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