Wisconsin — the Beginning of the End of Union Power

Big Labor went all in — and lost.

Tuesday’s unofficial results capped the most expensive elections in state history.

Cash flowing into the recalls already has approached $30 million, and total spending by third-party groups and candidates could top $40 million, election watchdogs say. That total would double spending on all 116 of last fall’s state legislative races combined.

Outside interest groups have spent millions on both sides, from conservative organizations like Wisconsin Club for Growth, Wisconsin Family Action, and Citizens for a Strong America to pro-union and liberal groups like We Are Wisconsin, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and Democracy for America.

They played every card they had, with every chip on the table, and got beat out.

Obama won Wisconsin with 56.2% of the vote.

I hope he isn’t counting on it in 2012.  Winning it again is going to be expensive.

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