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Preview of the Next City Council Meeting

This is a bummer.

Way Past Watergate

For those who don’t know, the Gunwalker scandal goes like this: For whatever reason, the ATF decided that it was a good idea to let guys that they knew were buying guns in mass quantities to give to the Cartels in Mexico… go ahead and do it.  Those weapons were then used to murder at least a couple of hundred people, including American federal agents, like Border Guard Brian Terry.  They were giving guns to guys that were, in the words of the ATF, “stone cold killers.”

The DoJ initially denied knowing anything about it.  As the investigation has proceeded, not only did the DoJ know, but the FBI was probably involved in destroying evidence in the Terry case, and the connections go all the way to the White House.

Now, it turns out that the ATF didn’t just let them buy guns — they went ahead and bought a few of them directly and swept the paperwork under the carpet.  This goes way past Watergate.  This is like deciding to replace the “plumbers” with FBI agents, and they happened to kill a few security guards at the hotel on the way.

Watergate didn’t have a body count.  Gunwalker has hundreds.

This is domestic terrorism.  Pure and simple.

SayUncle » Knife Meme

Take knife from pocket, post pic on internet.

I’m old school, MacGuyver, baby.

Bachmann’s Vaccinaphobia

The Truth About Taxes

A radio host asks a Democrat politician, “how much of the money I earn do I deserve to keep?”  She doesn’t answer, because she knows the reaction to the truth.

The truth is she doesn’t think you deserve to keep any of the money you earn.  She just knows that she can’t get all of it yet.

It took me a long time to figure out why the Democrats are trying to raise taxes now.  Everyone agrees that raising taxes slows the economy.  Democrats agree.  Obama himself agrees.  They can’t find an economist of note who disagrees.  Yet Obama still wants to raise taxes.  Even though the government would get more revenue in its pockets with lower taxes and a better economy, he still wants higher taxes at the expense of a slower economy.

They want to do it because they know their position is a con.  See, con men are often skilled at lots of things.  In fact, a lot of con men are skilled business men.  They could make a lot of money if they just invested the time that they dedicate to cons in legitimate business.  But, most con men are pathological liars.  They just can’t bring themselves to make an honest living.  They don’t feel like they’ve gotten anything unless someone else loses something.  This is what I think really motivates Democratic politicians on taxes.  They simply don’t feel like a win-win is really a win.

So they loot.  A con man will always go for taking, even when leaving money with the mark would help in the long run.  They take every chance they get because they never know when the mark will wise up and shut them out.

That is why the Democrats want to raise taxes now — they know that at any point, the People might see through their bullshit and throw them all out of office.