So the cops in Fullerton beat a homeless guy to death.  Then, when people show up to protest it, they give tickets to anyone who supports the protest.

Instapundit puts it best.

Nobody respects you guys when you act this way. You merely take a crap on your badge and uniform. And when budget cuts come up — and they will — a lot of people who might have stood up for you will decide not to bother. Just so you know.

And when all the crap piles up in incident after incident, people like me, who would be your natural allies, see you as much the enemy as the criminals.  There are the law abiding, and criminals — half the criminals wear their gang colors with bandannas, and the other half wear their colors with badges.

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  1. Between the armed no knock raids, arresting bystanders and the FBI using taxpayer monies to help a killer thug buy weapons that have killed an unknown number of bystanders…Yeah, I am having quite the issue with all of copdom.