The Enemies of Civilization

Now, the Enemies of Civilization are against food.  This authoritarian group really is against everything that democratizes modern life.

They are against cheap electricity.  They are against cheap lightbulbs.  They would prefer that poor people sit in the dark.

They are against cheap gasoline and affordable cars.  They would prefer that poor people  be at the mercy of the city bus schedule.

They are against allowing poor people to defend themselves.  They would prefer that guns be expensive, and that you have to be politically connected to arm yourself.  They would prefer that poor people be a the mercy of police response times.

Now, they are against the very food that has allowed poor people to be able to consume so many calories that they can get fat.  They want poor people to have to spend more of their meager money on food.  For Their Own Good.

These people are my enemies and yours.  They want a world where they have a nice, safe, pristine planet — while everyone else, “those people”, starves at home in the dark and the cold, waiting in fear for a predator to target them.

One Comment

  1. Kristin says:

    If this means my eating a fried turkey leg at the state fair is in jeopardy there will be hell to pay.