Way Past Watergate

For those who don’t know, the Gunwalker scandal goes like this: For whatever reason, the ATF decided that it was a good idea to let guys that they knew were buying guns in mass quantities to give to the Cartels in Mexico… go ahead and do it.  Those weapons were then used to murder at least a couple of hundred people, including American federal agents, like Border Guard Brian Terry.  They were giving guns to guys that were, in the words of the ATF, “stone cold killers.”

The DoJ initially denied knowing anything about it.  As the investigation has proceeded, not only did the DoJ know, but the FBI was probably involved in destroying evidence in the Terry case, and the connections go all the way to the White House.

Now, it turns out that the ATF didn’t just let them buy guns — they went ahead and bought a few of them directly and swept the paperwork under the carpet.  This goes way past Watergate.  This is like deciding to replace the “plumbers” with FBI agents, and they happened to kill a few security guards at the hotel on the way.

Watergate didn’t have a body count.  Gunwalker has hundreds.

This is domestic terrorism.  Pure and simple.


  1. geekWithA.45 says:

    “Watergate didn’t have a body count. Gunwalker has hundreds.”

    Quick! Put that on a T-Shirt!

  2. DWPittelli says:

    Yeah, but they’re all foreigners or cops; foreigners don’t vote and cops sign on for that.


  3. crypticguise says:

    So… why isn’t anyone being prosecuted for these illegal actions? Of course you know the answer. The president is black, is corrupt and his AG is black and corrupt. Oh, yes…they are also Democrats. The Democrats in the Congress are corrupt, it’s genetic.

    Where are the Republicans in this?

  4. Blake says:

    Gunwalker is likely the worst political scandal in the history of the US.

  5. MAJ Mike says:

    This entire program was aimed at securing favorable public opinion for increased restrictions regarding citizen firearms ownership. This is what the Lib-Cong meant by working for anti-gun legislation “…under the radar.” Our current administration is a government of left-wing criminals.

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  7. Richard says:

    Funny how the double standard that the media gives to the left applies to murder. If this does not lead to a special prosecutor and end with jail time for those involved then we may as well throw the constitution in the shredder. The stupidity of this whole debacle is off the scale. It’s like we have a bunch of middle schoolers running the country.

  8. I keep hoping there will be prosecutions, up to and including Das President. Doubtful, but I hope.

  9. Eric Scheie says:

    Excellent post!

    And this was an excellent question:

    Where are the Republicans in this?

  10. ron van says:

    Remember how non-existent “crimes” could dominate the New York Times for years; like the Valarie Plame issue. This is the same media who willfully igores really serious crimes, proving again they are just an extension of the Democratic Party. Newsworthy stories all depend whither there is a “R” or a “D” behind their name. Way beyond pathetic as a double standard.

  11. Mannie says:

    Watergate didn’t have a body count. Gunwalker has hundreds

    Watergate was a two bit burglary. Gunwalker was a direct assault on the Constitution.

    Special Prosecutor now! Hemp neckties, later.

  12. Sinjin says:

    If I am Mexican, I consider what was done an act of war. Aiding and abetting what is essentially a rebellion, albeit based on the drug trade, bent on subverting the Mexican government at all levels.

    This is not only not in the same league as Watergate, it’s not even the same sport.

    This is, by far, the largest indictment of just how far gone our MSM really is.

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  14. Black Sabbath says:

    Why is it that on issue after issue the Republicans are simply standing on the sidelines with their hands in their pockets? Gunwalker? Forget it! They can’t even defund NPR from the taxpayer or get us our old light bulbs back.

  15. Diggs says:

    The idea that members of Obama’s administration thought it would be okay to have a few hundred Mexicans die a violent death in order to make a point about gun control in the US is pretty haunting.
    Maybe we should ask some citizens of Juarez whether such an act reaches their definition of state-sponsored terrorism.

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  17. RebeccaH says:

    We no longer have a free press in this country, yet another sign of our sad decline. If not for the internet, no one would have heard a word about this criminal behavior by our own government.

  18. West says:

    There is a new rule for Democratic politicians.

    The Old Rule : Not in trouble if caught with a kilo of cocaine and a dead hooker.

    New Rule: Not in trouble if caught killing hundreds of people. Cocaine and hooker optional.

  19. Constitution First says:

    DWPittelli: so… you have no problem with your government being directly complicit in the killing our very brothers who ensure your safety and freedom? If that’s the case, than you’re a dirtbag.

    Gunwalker is yet another emblematic symptom of Øbama’s “Change”. Our relationship with foreign nations, like everything else “King Midas-in-reverse” touches, has turned to crap.

    Øbama Must Go Before he can do more damage.

  20. Lou Gots says:

    The most likely motive for this atrocity was to gin up a rationale for an “anti-gunwalker” treaty with Mexico. Such a treaty could serve as a source of federal jurisdiction over intrastate gun possession and sale by non-dealers,–the so=called “gun show loophole.” Such jurisdiction is quite tenuous at present, the Supreme Court having expressly rejected fanciful theories of indirect effects on interstate commerce. In Lopez, the Court almost contemptuously dismissed the argument the Government had dared to offer for a federal “Safe Schools” law, to the effect that if there were guns around, children would be too scared to go to school and thus would grow up without an education, and therefore be too poor to buy things from interstate commerce.

    The dirty little secret of gun control law is that once the gun has left the hands of a federally licensed dealer, federal jurisdi8ction over it is quite limited. They really wanted that treaty.

  21. Blackwing1 says:

    Be sure to thank Mike Vanderbouegh of:


    And David Codrea of:


    They’re the ones who have relentlessly attempted to bring this outrage to light, and have vainly attempted to interest the lame-stream media in any kind of independent investigation. If you see any of the documentation that’s being bandied about by Fox or other outlets, they’re the originators of almost all of it.

    Thanks, guys.

  22. Phelps says:

    Hey, Blackwing, why do you think I posted this?

    Just because I’m a little gray doesn’t mean I’m not watching.

  23. Bruce Hayden says:

    I keep hoping there will be prosecutions, up to and including Das President. Doubtful, but I hope.

    The basic problem is that the DoJ would be required to investigate this, and the DoJ appears implicated in this from the top down. There is little that can be done right now, excluding the hearings being held by Rep. Issa and Sen. Grassly, if and until the MSM puts pressure on the Administration to do something about this scandal – which they are showing no inclination to do.

    And, that is what is really scary to me, that we would have possibly the political scandal of the century, and the MSM would conspire with the Obama Administration to hush it up. And, as a result, they get away with it.

    The reason that I think that AG Holder, or at least some of his immediate reports, were involved, is that this was an inter-agency operation, and, apparently had counterparts in other parts of the country. You just don’t get this sort of inter-agency operation without high level supervision and knowledge. Worse – it was inter-departmental, also apparently including the Departments of Homeland Security and State. So, next time an appologist tries to tell you that it was a low level rogue operation, laugh at them.

  24. Kevin Baker says:

    I guess that “Under the Radar” stuff has blown up into a big ball of chaff?

  25. DWPittelli says:

    Constitution First,

    I was channeling the Obama Administration there. Coming from me, the meaning was the opposite. I thought, just maybe, someone wouldn’t see the sarcasm, so I put the “/s” at the end (“/s” = “turn off sarcasm”). Please read more carefully before calling people “dirtbag.”

  26. Prchrmn2 says:

    I think we should stop calling this GUNWALKER, though that may be where it had its beginnings…precisely it was OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS. Gunwalker was instituted under Bush but the process was totally different. By continually referring to it as GUNWALKER…you give the perpetrators the opportunity to either associate it to BUSH or disavow being part of GUNWALKER.

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  29. Nate Whilk says:

    This is *state-sponsored* domestic terrorism.

  30. Caiden says:

    The problem, as others have mentioned, is the media and DOJ are both controlled by Democrats. Liberals will pretend this isn’t happening. Has Jon Stewart said anything about this? Was it a playful “those conservatives are upset at nothing again” style he often does? CNN’s coverage was pretty weak last time I checked. Alot of people still have no idea what’s happening because the left wing media supports the crime. The DOJ also won’t make waves.

    The problem is the Republicans aren’t really good guys, they’re just the lesser of two evils. The Democrats work to undermine US power and wealth. The Republicans should be working to prevent this, but most are just working for themselves. Not actively as evil as Democrats, but not fighting to stop Democratic crimes and destruction.

    Basically, I think we’re heading toward balkanization. There is no unity in the US anymore, hasn’t been for decades, and liberals have no concept of live and let live, despite what they claim. Liberals demand everyone conform to their standards and way of thinking. Those who resist are enemies of the state. Look at the Democrats view of the Tea Party, not a powerful voting block, just one with on simple idea: that the government is to large and taxing to much to support itself. hence, they are labeled with lies such as being racist. Liberals are so full of hate, and there is no end game, no final plan. It’s endless lies and hate, and eventually this control will fall apart.

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  33. J.J. Sefton says:

    “All your scandals are belongs to us!”

    MFM/Dem/Hollywood complex

  34. richard40 says:

    The repubs are doing something. Issa’s committee in the house is actively investigating this, despite stonewall and delay tactics from the WH, and lots of personal attacks on Issa. The only thing more they could do would be to have widespread calls for a special prosecutor. I think they will indeed move on calling for a special prosecutor once Issa’s investigation has found all it can.

    I agree that fast and furious is potentially much wose than watergate, since it killed people, where watergate did not.

  35. Merovign says:

    Issa has stated that the reason they haven’t appointed a Special Prosecutor is that they believe they can gather more information now, before they do that, and implicate people higher up the *food chain*. I also think that the more evidence they gather (and publish) now, the harder it will be to stop or do an end-run around the prosecution later.

    While I would love to yank the rug out from under these scum now, I think it would be a case of counting your eggs before they hatch to turn it over to a prosecutor now.

  36. Fun Bob says:

    Domestic terrorism? They exported it abroad. I believe they qualify as both domestic and international terrorists.

  37. Dave says:

    @Caiden — they covered it very briefly a couple months back on the Daily Show:


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