It’s been a while since we visited Obama’s Blueprint for Change.

Let’s see, “Barack Obama’s Plan to Secure America and Restore Our Standing”.

Talk to our Foes and Friends
Obama is willing to meet with the leaders of all nations, friend and foe. He will do the careful preparation
necessary, but will signal that America is ready to come to the table, and that he is willing to lead.

How about “Barack Obama’s Plan to Change Washington”, in the Ethics section?

Make White House Communications Public: Obama will amend executive orders to ensure that
communications about regulatory policymaking between persons outside government and all White House
staff are disclosed to the public.

Conduct Regulatory Agency Business in Public: Obama will require his appointees who lead the executive
branch departments and rulemaking agencies to conduct the significant business of the agency in public, so
that any citizen can watch these debates in person or on the Internet.

Release Presidential Records: Obama will nullify the Bush attempts to make the timely release of
presidential records more difficult.

Oh yeah, don’t want to miss this:

Reform the Political Appointee Process: FEMA Director Michael Brown was not qualified to head the
, and the result was a disaster for the people of the Gulf Coast. But in an Obama administration,
every official will have to rise to the standard of proven excellence in the agency’s mission.

Most importantly, though, is “Barack Obama’s Plan for Restoring Fiscal Discipline”:

Increasing Debt
Under President Bush, the federal debt has increased from $5.7 trillion to $8.8 trillion, an increase of more
than 50 percent.

Glad we identified the problem.  What’s the solution?

Reinstate PAYGO Rules: Obama believes that a critical step in restoring fiscal discipline is enforcing pay-asyou-go (PAYGO) budgeting rules which require new spending commitments or tax changes to be paid for by cuts to other programs or new revenue.

Reverse Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy: Obama will protect tax cuts for poor and middle class families, but he will reverse most of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers.

Cut Pork Barrel Spending: Obama introduced and passed bipartisan legislation that would require more disclosure and transparency for special-interest earmarks. Obama believes that spending that cannot withstand
public scrutiny cannot be justified.
Obama will slash earmarks to no greater than what they were in 2001 and ensure all spending decisions are open to the public.

All in all, I would say a solid B+.

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  1. Kevin Baker says:

    “Blueprint” eh? Well, we all know the old aphorism about an elephant being a “mouse built to .gov specifications.”