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The Real Story

This story is really about Jon Corzine.

Jon Corzine’s name doesn’t appear in this story, because Jon Corzine is a Democrat.  John Corzine was in charge of MF Global.

Jon Corzine stole over a billion dollars from ranchers and farmers.  Jon Corzine stole over a billion dollars to bet those dollars on socialism in Europe.  If the bet had paid off, he would have put the money in MF Global’s pockets (and given himself a hefty bonus from it).  All the risk, though, sat with the ranchers and farmers who really owned the money.

Joe Biden named Jon Corzine as the first guy Obama went to for economic advice.  Jon Corzine was a Democrat US Senator and Governor of New Jersey.

Jon Corzine stole over a billion dollars from farmers and ranchers, and this administration has shown no determination to pursue him for it.

Gibson Guitars, though, gets raided with a SWAT team.


The Bag Meme

SayUncle: What’s in your bag?.

The list:

I travel light.

Quote of the Day

“Occupy Wall Street is right about one thing,” he says. “The whole world is watching. And it’s generally repulsed by what it’s seen.”

Fraser P. Seitel, managing partner of Emerald Partners and author of The Practice of Public Relations via Has Occupy Wall Street clarified its message?

Occupy Pasadena

Hit Piece

The New York Times run this article with the headline, “An Aloof Romney in a Plane Encounter“.

I would have run it with, “Romney Disciplined Enough to Not Beat Pushy Bitch On Plane To Death With Full Vomit Bag.”

Number one, Mr. “Aloof” was riding in coach.  Not exactly elitist.  Second, don’t fucking talk to me on a flight.  If your statement to me doesn’t reasonably start with “excuse me”, then don’t say it.

Third, if I have headphones on, that means don’t fucking talk to me.

As a physician who heads a financial planning company and prides herself on having read every page of President Obama’s health care reform bill, Ms. McClanahan, 47, recognized that it’s not every day you’re seated next to a presidential candidate on a two-hour flight. According to Ms. McClanahan, about an hour into the flight — which Mr. Romney mostly spent reading USA Today and using an iPad while wearing headphones — she told him her idea for improving the American health care system: slashing overhead costs by switching to an electronic billing system.

“He looked at me blankly and said, ‘I understand,’ then put his iPad headphones in and kept reading,” she said.

They go on:

She then turned to The Everlasting Phelps, in the next seat, and made the same pitch.  Mr. Phelps responded by tearing the seat tray off of the seat in front of him and beating her with it until her head resembled a lovely bowl of gazpacho soup.


Remember, Remember

The fifth of November.