The Real Story

This story is really about Jon Corzine.

Jon Corzine’s name doesn’t appear in this story, because Jon Corzine is a Democrat.  John Corzine was in charge of MF Global.

Jon Corzine stole over a billion dollars from ranchers and farmers.  Jon Corzine stole over a billion dollars to bet those dollars on socialism in Europe.  If the bet had paid off, he would have put the money in MF Global’s pockets (and given himself a hefty bonus from it).  All the risk, though, sat with the ranchers and farmers who really owned the money.

Joe Biden named Jon Corzine as the first guy Obama went to for economic advice.  Jon Corzine was a Democrat US Senator and Governor of New Jersey.

Jon Corzine stole over a billion dollars from farmers and ranchers, and this administration has shown no determination to pursue him for it.

Gibson Guitars, though, gets raided with a SWAT team.


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