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WordPress Censors

Update: WordPress claims CAIR wasn’t involved.  CAIR still says they were.  Regardless, the point is the same.  Wordpress censors, and the only way around it is to own everything yourself.

Original post:

WordPress took down Bare Naked Islam under pressure from CAIR.

More here.

Institutionally, most hosting companies of this sort lean left.  At the least, the leftists in the organization are willing to abuse their positions to advance their views much more than conservatives and libertarians are. You have to be wary.

The only way to keep the signal going is to own your own site.  Kevin details how his site was under constant attack during the Obama campaign.  The Obama purpleshirts took down a ton of Blogger accounts during the campaign.

They censor.  It is a core part of their nature.

Buy your own domain name.  Host the software yourself.  Keep regular (weekly, at least) backups on your own hardware at home.

The left is not interested in civil discourse.  They will abuse anything they can get their hands on (while all the time railing on how uncivil you are).

We’ve Used up Obama, Romney is our New Bitch

Wall Street bought Obama.  Lock stock and barrel.  Now they are buying Romney.  What do they want from the deal?

Here’s what Wall Street doesn’t want: It doesn’t want to hear from Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann or even Newt Gingrich, or suffer any sort of tea-party populism. It wants you rubes to shut up about Jesus and please pay your mortgages. It doesn’t want to hear from such traditional Republican constituencies as Christian conservatives, moral traditionalists, pro-lifers, or friends of the Second Amendment. It doesn’t even want to hear much from the Chamber of Commerce crowd, because those guys are used-car dealers and grocery-store owners and for the most part strictly from hick, so far as Wall Street is concerned. Wall Street wants an administration and a Congress — and a country — that believes what is good for Wall Street is good for America, whether that is true or isn’t. Wall Street doesn’t want free markets — it wants friends, favors, and fealty.

Read the whole thing.

Nixon 2.0

Note for Leeches

If your job is to hold shit up and cause aggravation, the very last thing you want to do is go on strike and show everyone how much better life is without you.

This should be valuable information for the TSA, Customs, Meter Maids, traffic cops, and all other time-wasters and stealth tax collectors.

Atheist Propaganda

Atheists researcher butthurt about logic:

The research began a few years ago, when a series of polls revealed atheists to be some of the least liked people in areas with religious majorities, which is to say, much of the world. In one poll, only 45% of American respondents said they would vote for a qualified atheist presidential candidate and overwhelmingly preferred to vote for African American, Jewish and female candidates. Americans also rated atheists as the group that least agrees with their vision for the country and the group they’d most disapprove of their child marrying.

The resulting paper, published in the current online issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, includes six studies all designed to measure people’s perception of an atheist’s trustworthiness. The first study asked 351 Americans from across the country to compare the trustworthiness of an atheist and a gay man, since both represent groups often described as threatening to majority religious values. They rated atheists significantly higher than gay men on distrust, though lower on levels of disgust.

First, set aside the huge methodological problems that AoS has already ably pointed out.  Set aside the inherent prejudice of saying, “why aren’t we rated higher than those N-s, K-s, C-s, and F-s?”

Atheism, aside from being Jewish, is the only thing on the list that everyone agrees is a choice.  (And there are some people who think that if you mother was Jewish, you are Jewish, no choice allowed.)  No one chooses to be black.  (Aside from Barack Obama.)  No one chooses to be a woman.  (Aside from a very few transgendered people, I guess.)  Even when it comes to being gay, not everyone agrees that being gay is a choice.  But everyone agrees that you choose to be an atheist.

So wouldn’t you expect in a rational world that people would hold someone who firmly adheres to what they consider to be a bad choice to be less trustworthy than someone who is in a situation due to pure chance?