WordPress Censors

Update: WordPress claims CAIR wasn’t involved.  CAIR still says they were.  Regardless, the point is the same.  Wordpress censors, and the only way around it is to own everything yourself.

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WordPress took down Bare Naked Islam under pressure from CAIR.

More here.

Institutionally, most hosting companies of this sort lean left.  At the least, the leftists in the organization are willing to abuse their positions to advance their views much more than conservatives and libertarians are. You have to be wary.

The only way to keep the signal going is to own your own site.  Kevin details how his site was under constant attack during the Obama campaign.  The Obama purpleshirts took down a ton of Blogger accounts during the campaign.

They censor.  It is a core part of their nature.

Buy your own domain name.  Host the software yourself.  Keep regular (weekly, at least) backups on your own hardware at home.

The left is not interested in civil discourse.  They will abuse anything they can get their hands on (while all the time railing on how uncivil you are).

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  1. Mexigogue says:

    Blizzard once gave me a warning for allegedly violating the World of Warcraft terms of service because I responded to a debate in trade chat about child abuse saying:

    If you really want a child to learn, I suggest that you get a good book and take it to your child and HIT THEM WITH IT!

    I didn’t actually get my account suspended but I disagreed that I was guilty of violating the TOS and I seriously considered unsubscribing my account. I’m not a fan of censorship either but I am reminded that when Ayn Rand was accused of censoring the viewpoints of some people she had disavowed from her inner circle. She said that only governments are capable of censorship and that private entities are free to not allow viewpoints they don’t like. Specifically she said that ones right to free speech does not translate into her duty to provide a bullhorn. That said, I agree that the best way to keep your message from getting silenced is to host your own site.

    Also, I looked at the Bare Naked Islam site. I can’t say I’m a fan of their message but I wholeheartedly defend their right to put their message out there provided they don’t engage in libel.

    One more thing, I’m pleased that Youtube has not taken down my Jesus Crucifixion video despite the many complaints by people who are offended by it. If people don’t like it they are certainly welcome to not look at it.