AGW Hypothesis


The end.

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  1. Vivian Louise says:

    It was never about science or the earth anyway. It was always about making the first world more like the third, limiting freedom and liberty and subverting technological advancements. These are often the same people who like to keep stone aged tribes stone aged because they are somehow better. The ones who couldn’t believe that the Maya were a bunch of blood thirsty human sacrificers. They WANT to believe that western civilization is evil and all those sweet backwards aborigines are totally awesome and at onement with the Earth. (Thank you Louis Farrakhan for that phrase!)

    I dunno what it is they are trying to get off their conscience, but we would be better off with roving groups of flagellants instead of the busybody hypocrites with their directives and laws on my life while they flit about in their private jets and million dollar mansions.