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So What are the Odds

Criminals and Excuses

“I don’t think they were doing it, like, to be malicious or whatever. They were just in the moment where they weren’t really thinking right because they were so angry,” said student Jenny Sincere.

Well, I believe her.

Institutional Racism

Working As Intended

At least one person was shot dead by a man outside a county courthouse in Beaumont, Texas, local media reported Wednesday.

An elderly woman was killed and at least three others were shot, including two rushed to the hospital with several gunshot wounds, KFDM TV reported.

The shootings took place outside the courthouse, in the basement of the county clerk’s office and at a bus station.

So what you are saying is that a criminal with a gun shot a bunch of people when they were on their way to a victim disarmament zone?  I’m shocked.

Looks like those metal detectors in the courthouse worked.  He just shot them right outside instead.

Good thing he didn’t kill anyone in the courthouse.  That would have been a tragedy.


American Flag With President Obamas Image Sparks Outrage At Florida Democrats.

File this under “duh.”

An American flag with President Obama’s image in place of the stars flew over a Florida county’s Democrat headquarters long enough to enrage local veterans who called the altered banner “a disgrace.”

Take a look:

They honestly don’t understand why this is chilling.

It’s fascist.  There’s no other word.  It is a cult of personality.  It’s no different than Mussolini.

We elect Presidents.  We don’t elect God-Kings, which is what this is.  He’s a man.  A very flawed man.  He doesn’t belong on any national symbols.  Maybe, in 20-50 years, if his legacy stands the test of time, he may go on some money.  That’s it. His face doesn’t belong anywhere else.

Hurlbert said Tuesday’s incident was the first time anyone had complained about the flag, which she received as a gift two months ago.

“It leads me to believe that it’s not about the flag,” she told “Certain elements cannot accept Barack Obama as president.”

No.  You are completely and totally wrong.  We accept him as the President — and nothing else.  Not a god.  Not a messiah.  Not an icon.  Not a deified creature.  He’s a just a man doing a job.  He isn’t to be worshiped.

This whole “cannot accept Obama as president” is another bullshit “Republicans are racist” dog whistle.  Take your racism accusation, wrap it up in that shoddy cheap flag, and shove it straight up your ass.  These race pimps need to be called out on this bullshit.

This is completely and totally tone-deaf.  I really hope that they keep flying this flag, and fly it over every democrat office and rally.  Nothing would cement Obama’s defeat in November more solidly.

Horrifying Quote of the Century

“Federal law does not recognize actual innocence as a mechanism to overturn an otherwise valid conviction.”

Grits for Breakfast has the story.

Good Stuff from the Treehouse

Amanda wrote a short story.  It’s good.  It’s free if you have a Kindle and Prime, and 99 cents even if you don’t.

Phelps says check it out.

“Was the vandalism that bad?”

“Well, it wasn’t exactly vandalism,” he says. “It was more voyeurism.”

I wait for a few moments. Then I say, “You know, I’m completely in the dark here. Would it really hurt to give me more to go on?”

“Your attacker tried to push himself into your home to see if his attempt was successful. His access to this dimension is limited, so his face presented itself as a charcoal drawing on your wall.”

“That must have been very creepy looking,” I say.

“Damn near hospitalized one of the officers processing the house,” Jasper answers. “Poor guy almost had a stroke when the face tried to talk to him. It will be interesting to see what happens when they try to remove it. As it is, it’s good news for us.”

“How so?”

“It showed me the limits of your attacker’s access here. Not having my resources, he’s relying on substandard equipment and for the moment, he’s stuck.”