Criminals and Excuses

“I don’t think they were doing it, like, to be malicious or whatever. They were just in the moment where they weren’t really thinking right because they were so angry,” said student Jenny Sincere.

Well, I believe her.


  1. Vivian Louise says:

    My “just in the moment” moments don’t usually include felonious activities.

  2. Kristin says:

    Vivian I am inclined to agree with you however, whenever I am in my “moments” it is not usually with a mob of people and therefore, I have been very fortunate not to ram my car into the idiot riding 60 in the left lane on the toll rode. Mob mentality is real and primitive it takes over and often time the action is never even verbalized. I look at it similar to when an ant stings it sends some chemical emission that is transmitted to the other ants and then the party is on and popping.

  3. Phelps says:

    Ignoring the mob mentality is what separates the civilized from savages, and no ethnicity has a monopoly on either.

  4. Kristin says:

    @Phelps so very true. Did you see the video of the kid on spring break in from the DFW that got the crap beat out of him? I hope they can find the rest of the people and arrest them as well.

    Going on a slight tangent but at what point when a mob attacks an individual do they realize that the show of force was not needed? Or at what point when you rob stores do you realize that the action was not necessary? It has to be something greater than simply ignoring the mob mentality I’m thinking truly some cerebral trigger is set off.