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What Would Andy Do?

So I was looking at this and thinking, “What would Andy be doing right now?”  And I think I had the answer.

He would be telling people to send hot dogs to the White House.


So now the line is that we need to take money from Buffet to increase growth.  Here’s the problem.  The government doesn’t cause growth by taxing and spending.  They waste it on stupid shit like Volt subsidies and Solyndra.

Guys like Buffet do create growth if you leave them alone, because growing the general economy is how they make money.  In, fact, the only one I can think of who actually makes his money by destroying economies is George Soros.

So why can’t we have the Soros Rule instead?  For fairness and growth, you know?

Modern Policework

“It was hard to tell if they were real or not. We find this inappropriate,” he said.

If a cop can’t tell if that is real or not, we are all well and truly fucked.

Another Isolated Incident

And by “isolated incident”, I mean that this time they happened to catch it on tape and weren’t forced under color of law to delete the footage.

I don’t see any media coverage of this in Houston.  This one seems like an open and shut case of assault by this cop on these two guys.  There was no cause to force them to ID or to interfere with them videotaping anything.

Marty Anthony, Houston PD.  Let’s make him famous.