Another Isolated Incident

And by “isolated incident”, I mean that this time they happened to catch it on tape and weren’t forced under color of law to delete the footage.

I don’t see any media coverage of this in Houston.  This one seems like an open and shut case of assault by this cop on these two guys.  There was no cause to force them to ID or to interfere with them videotaping anything.

Marty Anthony, Houston PD.  Let’s make him famous.


  1. […] This video is all kinds of messed up. Cop bugs two guys videotaping, leads to handcuffing until another guy shows up. […]

  2. Charles Stewart says:

    What an asshole.

  3. bob r says:

    Marty evidently has no idea what “hostile” is. He keeps acting like that he’ll eventually find someone that will educate him.

  4. Ishtacka says:

    This was all over the local news station I watched. The next day they also interviewed the fella doing the video taping.

  5. Bark says:

    I wonder how many real spiffy video cameras he can buy with the cash settlement. I’d think lawyers would be lining up to help him sue the cops.

  6. Longbow says:

    This “policeman” is in fact a criminal gangster. His gang has official State sanction to use violence anytime they deem to dispense it. He truly believes that since he wears a super hero costume and bears a magic shield, he cannot be wrong. Anything he does is lawful because it was him what done it. For those assaulted and violated, there is no recourse. The gangsters and thugs will never be held accountable.

    After such an incident, where do free men go to get back their dignity?