So the city of Dallas is bitching about not making enough on traffic tickets

Chief Administrative Judge Victor Lander:

We were not asked to speak before the committee today. If we had been asked to speak I certainly would have let it be known, first and foremost, that the court is not a revenue generating entity. It is there to ensure that justice is done in this community. To the extent that they’re looking at the courts as some way of raising money, that’s not what we’re there for, that’s not what the law provides, and it’s not what the law allows.

The court is not a revenue generating entity; the court is there to ensure that justice is done. When you start looking at a court as a place where you’re going to come up with money and generate revenue, then you’ve got a kangaroo court, and that is not what Dallas is all about. We’re a first class city, the eighth largest city in the country, we do not need to have that kind of reputation.

Fucking A.  I’m glad someone in the system remembers how it is supposed to work.


  1. Mexigogue says:

    I’ve often thought that if people were flogged for traffic infractions rather than being fined then cities would immediately pull all their cops off of traffic duty then send them to do police stuff.

  2. Dann in Ohio says:

    Well… DUH! You’re a victim of your own success… you write tickets to for traffic violations… because you write tickets, people are less likely to violate traffic laws… hence… less tickets are written… again, DUH!

    Dann in Ohio