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Obama: We should call Romney’s plan ‘Romney-doesn’t-care’ – YouTube

Obama is using racist dog whistles again.

“Romney Doesn’t Care.”

Just when a hurricane is bearing down on NOLA again.  Why?  Because this is what he really means:


Sauce for the Goose

Obama doesn’t care about white people.  Again.

White places can burn.  Chocolate cities get prophylactic declarations.

Compare and contrast

I think that the anti-chick-fil-a people are more upset at images of people praying at chick-fil-a than chick-fil-a supporters are at images of dudes kissing at chick-fil-a.

Update: Case in point.

NTTA “top violator Amber Young”

The Dallas Morning News is running a big piece about the Tollway trying to collect on all this money they are “owed” for tolls.

First of all, they aren’t owed $300 million in tolls.  They are actually owed $13 million.  Out of a system that collects over $400 million a year.  The rest is all bullshit “$50 fine for a $0.75 toll” bills.  But setting that aside, they’ve decided to start ‘shaming’ people with the highest bills.  They’ve singled out Amber Young.  Yet they bury this as the very last paragraph:

He also said that although Young has been sent dozens of invoices in the past 18 months, most of which have been turned over to Department of Public Safety. DPS has not issued any citations, however, because the address NTTA has does not match exactly the address

Got that?  They are ‘shaming’ her, but have finally admitted that the reason she hasn’t paid is they keep sending the bills to the wrong address.

And somehow, they think that is her fault.