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MSNBC is being MSNBC

Democrats LOVE a Minstrel Show

JWF catches Democrats darkening Mia Love’s photo.

Democrats do love them a minstrel show.

The only thing they love more than laughing at black people is laughing at blacker people.

Lest anyone forget the horrors of blackface:

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Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone

School Lunches

When I was a kid, school lunches were a way to make sure that even the poorest kid got enough to eat and didn’t go hungry.

Under Michelle Obama, school lunches are a way to make sure that every kid goes hungry and doesn’t get enough to eat.

Socialists always use hunger as a weapon.  Always.

Thanks for the… what?

Hypnotic Donuts is rightfully butthurt over not getting Dallas’ best donut.  On the other hand, consider the source — they voted Bolsa as the best burger.  Riiiiight.  Because that $11 piece of crap totally owns the $3.50 Stock Cheese at Off-Site Kitchen.

This is what real donuts look like:

This is what the best burger in Dallas looks like:

Remember them.

Rule of Law

All of this raises an important question: how did the United States Department of Justice become so intertwined with one of the most venomous, dishonest, and radical Websites? Back in 2008, we heard so much empty rhetoric from one campaign about how they would take politics out of the Justice Department. Like so much from that camp, time reveals it was all projection.  They have engaged in a level of raw politics that their GOP opponents couldn’t even conceive of.

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Question of the Day

Why doesn’t the media ever refer to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood as “far right wing” or to Muslim terrorists as “Right Wing Terrorists”?