The Obama Philosophy Again

It’s okay for the Department of Justice and the ATF to arm the Mexican cartels through Fast and Furious, but the State Department won’t send Marines to guard our ambassador in Libya and won’t let his local security have bullets.


  1. Lukos says:

    Do you think this lends to the idea that the entire situation is a false flag operation?

    Like, we want injury and american victims to justify another armed conflict?

    or is the just another case of the government being incompetent and stupid.

    Looks like the report has changed;

    “In Egypt, the Corps says that, contrary to the report I wrote about earlier today, the U.S. Ambassador did not impose restrictions on weapons or weapons status on the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group detachment. The Marines in Cairo were allowed to have live ammunition in their weapons. The specific Rules of Engagement under which the Marines operated are classified.”

  2. Phelps says:

    Ehh, if the false flag is anywhere, it is in Al Queda using this guy as a cut out.

    Seriously, if the US government was doing this, they wouldn’t do it when Obama was planning to live it up with Jay-Z and Beyonce in Vegas.