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Galileo Shrugs

@NathanFillion Is Acting Like a Purplebelly Dick

So Nathan Fillion decides to jump into the full contact sport of politics.  I don’t want politics from Nathan Fillion.  I want to enjoy his acting.  In fact, you could sum up my full opinion as “shut up and say what other people write.” So I tweet this.

And I get blocked by Nathan Fillion.  Yeah, that’s going to change my opinion.  Insult your fans, and then when they don’t appreciate your insult, throw an online hissy.

Guess what?  Can’t stop the signal.  You can block me on twitter, but you can’t block me on the internet.

Update: As should be expected, Thomas Sowell says it better than I, and with fewer words:

The question to be asked of people in the media, and that they should ask themselves, should be: “Is your first loyalty to your audience or to your ideology?”

Debate Prep

If Obama was really serious about debate prep, he wouldn’t be holding his prep sessions at a golf resort.

This guy is addicted to golf like Tyrone Biggums is addicted to crack.

Reality “Based”

And, by the way, they talk about this Great Recession if it fell out of the sky, like, “Oh, my goodness, where did it come from?” It came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card, to at the same time put a prescription drug benefit on the credit card, a trillion-dollar tax cut for the very wealthy. I was there. I voted against them. I said, no, we can’t afford that.

Joe says he didn’t vote for any of that.

Afghanistan Authorization: Yea

Iraq War Authorization: Yea

Medicare Prescription Drug Act: Yea

Where are the fact checkers on this?  Oh, yeah, they’re too worried about whether or not Paul Ryan lied because Obama taped his The View appearance the day before it aired.

Democrat Logic

Killing Bin Laden?  Totally Obama’s idea.  100%.  A gutsy call.

Cutting the military budget and abandoning Afghanistan?  We’re just doing what the Generals want.

The VP Debate

VP Debate

Biden did better than Obama.

Good job, democrats. The grin with a body behind it did better than the president.