@NathanFillion Is Acting Like a Purplebelly Dick

So Nathan Fillion decides to jump into the full contact sport of politics.  I don’t want politics from Nathan Fillion.  I want to enjoy his acting.  In fact, you could sum up my full opinion as “shut up and say what other people write.” So I tweet this.

And I get blocked by Nathan Fillion.  Yeah, that’s going to change my opinion.  Insult your fans, and then when they don’t appreciate your insult, throw an online hissy.

Guess what?  Can’t stop the signal.  You can block me on twitter, but you can’t block me on the internet.

Update: As should be expected, Thomas Sowell says it better than I, and with fewer words:

The question to be asked of people in the media, and that they should ask themselves, should be: “Is your first loyalty to your audience or to your ideology?”


  1. sergio says:

    I don’t see how simple blocking can be called a hissy fit. You told him you’re not gonna follow him and his shows anymore, he accepted, packed his bags and closed the door. LOL. No really, I get the disappointment when it turns out that your fave actor doesn’t share your political views, but seriously expect them “to shut up and put out”? They’re people too. If they want to run the risk of losing fans by expressing their politics, they have the right, don’t they? Not sure why it makes ’em dicks. I mean it may be sad and all, but why vitriols? Clean break or just swallow it and go on being a fan, political differences notwithstanding.

  2. Phelps says:

    This one went beyond “expressing their politics.” It was a trashy negative slam from someone who isn’t even an American citizen (AFAIK, he was born in Canada and I’ve never seen anything about him being American.) He’s promoting a racist philosophy (see the reaction to Stacey Dash, whose tweet was entirely positive) yet wants to claim victimhood when he goes even further? Sorry. Not buying it. The pushback has arrived.

  3. Firehand says:

    As Jennifer put it, “Dance, monkey!”

  4. Mexigogue says:

    Canadians. . . Is there nothing they can do?

  5. Sigh. Another one bites the dust.