On Lehrer

Obama’s spokeclown is blaming Obama’s failure on Jim Lehrer.  This is rich:

“I sometimes wondered if we even needed a moderator because we had Mitt Romney,” Cutter told CNN shortly after the debate, though she told POLITICO that Lehrer did his job as moderator and that her comments were strictly about Romney.

Yeah, “strictly about Romney” just like when someone insults you to your face and then says, “I don’t mean that in a bad way.”

Here’s the thing.  Obama wants another four years as the fucking president.  The Head Honcho.  The Leader of the Free World.  You know what one of the qualities of a leader is?  You take charge.  ‘Oh, Lehrer didn’t stop Romney enough!’  That’s Obama’s job.  

Did Obama get walked all over by Romney?  Absolutely.  Just like how Putin has walked all over Obama.  Just like how Mubarak walked all over Obama.  Just like how China has walked all over Obama.  Just like how Iran walks all over Obama.  Just like how the Saudi princes walked all over Obama.

I’m tired of a doormat president.  It would be nice to have a president who knew how to be an alpha male and not get bullied by other leaders.

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