VP Debate

Biden did better than Obama.

Good job, democrats. The grin with a body behind it did better than the president.

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  1. Mexigogue says:

    I was watching one of the political experts talk about the stratgies of these kind of debates. I was a little disturbed by his advice that politicians should not attack their opponents policies too aggressively because it turns voters off. I suppose I understand that in that many voters would be emotionally swayed in a negative fashion (this candidate is a big meanie) but this goes against what I think a debate should be about. Personally, I want to see a candidate disprove the other side’s case. In short, I want to see a win and by that I mean to defeat the other side.

    Come to think of it, I think a better format would be for the candidates to flame each other in some blog’s comments section with no moderator and Citizen Quasar and Aiden spouting the occasional inanity.