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NRA flunks former ally in Olympia

After Rep. Mike Hope, R-Lake Stevens, sponsored a gun background-check bill, he knew his lifetime “A” rating with the National Rifle Association would get a downgrade.

But he didn’t think the gun-rights group would blanket his district with anti-Mike Hope postcards. Nor stop speaking to him.

“It looks like I went straight from an A to an F,” Hope says.

Good. Make him famous, NRA.

(Via War on Guns)

Security Theater

Metal detectors don’t stop attacks.  They just move the site of the attack to the metal detectors.  It is also worth noting that having guns there stopped the rampage before it went any further.

You vs the Police

This is how badly the LAPD is doing against one man.

Do you really think that there is any way they can do anything when dozens of “right-wing nutjobs” start doing what he’s doing all across the country?  Or even worse, all in one city?

You gun banners are playing with fire.