And HE’S the one that is wrong, right?

Reporter in Philadelphia writes an article about how white people can’t talk about race without black people jumping down their throats.  Black people respond by jumping down his throat.

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  1. Mexigogue says:

    If a white person were to say that black people have every same opportunity as white people in this country, critics would respond that he was not factoring in poverty and crime in the black community. So this guy talks about poverty and crime in the black community and he’s vilified as confusing race issues with poverty and crime issues. IMO this speaks less to this particular white guy being insensitive as it does to many people being overly sensitive because poverty and crime continue to be issues in the communities they are trying to champion long past the point they can be reasonably blamed on white racism of the past. And for the record I’m not saying that white racism does ot exist in the present, I’m saying that the racists of today don’t have the power to magically cause all the negative elements that exist in today’s black communities.