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Dear Mr. President

The IRS scandal is about “a small number of IRS employees” the same way Watergate was about a small number of plumbers who wandered into the wrong office.

Judge rips Obama’s right-wing Plan B stance

So this is what this judge thinks about 15 being the minimum age for Plan B:

The government didn’t argue the merits of requiring a photo ID or that the drug only be sold in locations with an on-site pharmacy, but Korman made clear why he found that to be an inadequate compromise: “You’re using these 11- and 12-year-olds to place an undue burden on women’s ability to access emergency contraception. If it’s an impediment to voting, it’s an impediment to get the drug.”

I agree with the judge.

I’m not a fan of Plan B.  I think that abortion is a moral wrong.  I’m especially not a fan of children experiencing statutory rape, becoming impregnated by their rapist, and then covering up the crime with a drug (potentially bought for them by their rapist.)

But, I’ll abide it.  That is what being in a free republic is about.  People are allowed to do things you don’t like, because that is what liberty costs.

I want equality, though.  If showing ID to get this drug is an impediment to the “right” to abortifactants, then showing ID is an impediment to your enumerated right to keep and bear arms.  Never mind background checks and form 4473s, this judge has just said that showing ID is an impediment to exercising a right.

So let’s do it.  No ID for guns.  No ID to exercise your right to travel by plane.  No ID to enter a federal courtroom.  If showing ID is an impediment to exercising a civil right, I welcome that development with open arms.

The Argument Against Gun Control for the Liberal

This is how the NRA convention opened — with Rick Perry shooting rifles and talking about God.

This is the best argument against gun control for a liberal.

Rick Perry is everything you fear in government.  I don’t have to list the reasons — you already know why you hate him.  Here is the problem you have:

Gun control will never disarm Rick Perry.

He’s the governor of a state.  That makes him the head of the Texas National Guard.  He’s the commander in chief of the state police.  He’s the head of the organized militia, the Texas State Guard.  In short, he’s one of the Only Ones that you will always be leaving a gun with.

Think of all the things you think Rick Perry is capable of.  Why in the world would you trust him with guns governing an unarmed populace? I agree with most of his politics and wouldn’t do it.

When you are thinking about government regulations, you have to remember that at some point in time, your worst political enemy is going to have his hands on the top office, and the regulations have to be crafted so that he can’t do anything too terrible with them.  Do you really trust your life to Rick Perry?

Dear CMU “activist”

I’m not impressed that you dressed up as a half naked pope. There’s no edge there.  There is no danger.

You want to impress me?  Dress up as Mohammed on the top part, with your pubes shaved into a crescent, and hand out rape whistles.  Then I’ll be impressed with your edginess.

No Catholic is going to come and chop your head off for dressing up like the Pope.