Dear CMU “activist”

I’m not impressed that you dressed up as a half naked pope. There’s no edge there.  There is no danger.

You want to impress me?  Dress up as Mohammed on the top part, with your pubes shaved into a crescent, and hand out rape whistles.  Then I’ll be impressed with your edginess.

No Catholic is going to come and chop your head off for dressing up like the Pope.


  1. Mexigogue says:

    When I was working for HIV/AIDS my co-worker Bob and I were having a discussion once about religious beliefs as they pertain to HIV prevention. When Catholicism was mentioned Bob went into a furious tirade which he concluded by saying that the Pope was personally responsible for millions of AIDS related deaths. You don’t have to be Catholic to be stunned by such a statement. I responded that unless he pulled a gun and forced millions of people into having unprotected sex the Pope was not “personally responsible.” To varying degrees many people on the left have this sort of animosity not only against the Pope and Catholicism in general but against any religion with strict sexual mores.

    As for the CMU person in question I regard this type of so called activism as ineffectual and perhaps even counterproductive. It”s not enough for some people to aspire to sainthood, they must also objectify their ideological foes as evil incarnate and denounce them as such. Religious fundamentalists do this and extremists on the left do this as well. I was just about to say hate is not a value but the more I think about it I think it is the expression of values, however misguided.

  2. Phelps says:

    Right. They key in on the “the Pope said not to use condoms” part and completely skim over the “the Pope said keep your dick out of anything but your wife.”

  3. wizardpc says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who had that reaction.

  4. bud says:

    I think your comment is right on, but the comments at the linked article just amazed me… the amount of vitriol directed at the girl. A number of them turned your point around, and, in essence, demanded that we punish “blasphemy” because… hey, they do!

    Many of the commentors (is there such a word?) make the mistake alluded to in the adage attibuted to GBS “The customs of your tribe are not the laws of nature.” Female nekkid bits are simply an affront. Period. Combine this with insulting “their” church and I get the impression that “a couple of strokes of the lash to straighten her out” would not be be objectionable to them.

    Liberty for all is not their aim.

    The kid has been indoctrinated, and, if she ever manages to move out of the liberal echo chamber, will probably view this as one of those “I wanna do-over” moments we all have in our life.

    I wasn’t raised RC, so I have no particular feelings, one way or the other, about the Pope. My wife, who was, would probably agree with the protestor, if not her… method of protest.