AT&T isn’t Pumping Obama Propaganda To You

Well, they may be, not the way detailed here about Emergency Alerts. Do you dingbats ever do any research on a news story?  Why in the world do you suddenly start trusting the media just because a story about Obama puts him in a bad light?  The media is always wrong, both ways.

It’s the Wireless Emergency Alert System.  It’s meant to supplant the old Emergency Alert System, which was the newer name for the good old Emergency Broadcast System.

First, it’s not going to be used for political messages.  It’s just not its purpose, and the political blowback would be too much for even Obama to handle.  Second, it’s likely to not be used at all.  The presidential codes for the EAS/EBS were never used for an actual alert.  Ever.  Not during the Cuban Missile Crisis, not even during 9/11.  Why?

Because someone suggested using it around 9:30am on 9/11 to alert the country.  Someone else in the White House situation room (legend is that it was Cheney) walked over to the TV, and just started flipping channels.  Every channel was an image of the WTC or the Pentagon.  He asked, “who is going to see the alert that doesn’t already know?”

That is why it is going on phones now.  If you are near a TV and something worthy of an alert happens, you are already going to know.  For the system to be worth anything, it needs to go deeper, which means cell phones.  This is a necessary evolution, and it will likely never be used, God willing.

One Comment

  1. God willing is right.

    I already get text notices of weather events, I SHOULD get them for national emergencies or local emergencies. That’s the best way to get the information out to the most people.

    Of course, that then begs the question about Obamaphones and making sure there’s a cell phone in every hand…But that’s another story.