National Conversation on Race

So the Root has decided that we need some Ground Rules… for white people.  They say that they apply to “everyone”, but you can see that they only apply to white people (and black conservatives.)  So I thought I would return the favor, and lay down some ground rules for black people on talking to white people about race.

1.  We are doing you a favor if we talk to you.  White people are taking on all the risk in a conversation about race.  There is nothing — nothing that a black person can say in the “conversation” that will get them in trouble.  For a white person, however, any misstatement — or even a word that is misinterpreted in a way that no educated person can misinterpret it — is a potential land mine for a white person.

So if a white person does anything more than just walking away when you bring up the subject of race, they are doing you a favor.  This is a person that actually cares about you, because they are showing the most pure generosity — they are engaging in an argument that is impossible for them to win.  The best outcome is a tie, where you both agree to disagree, and the most likely outcome is that they get labeled a racist.

2. If you call the person you are talking to a racist, the conversation is OVER.  The buffoon at the Root says:

Remember that the threshold for “racism” is a lot lower than being a member of the KKK and hating every black person you see. It means buying into and perpetuating things that support the idea of white supremacy. You can be a very nice person and still do that, even without meaning to.

This is absolutely, 100% wrong.  You can no more be “a little bit racist” as a white person than a woman can be a little bit pregnant.  Once you are smeared with the racist label, it will dog you forever.  Being “a little bit racist” gets white people fired from their jobs, costs them all their friends, gets them evicted from their homes, ends up with them sued in court and losing all thier savings and possessions, and makes them the potential victim of hate crimes.

The word racist is a weapon in the mouth of a black person.  To say that you can call someone racist but it’s “not be that bad” is like saying that you can shoot a white person “but I only wounded them so it’s no big deal”.

3. Not every uncomfortable fact is a “myth”.  Black crime is real.  It’s not poverty.  It’s not economics.  Even when those are controlled for, the studies still show that black people commit crimes far out of proportion.  Black culture has a criminality problem.  Young black men in particular are disproportionately violent — and young men of any race were already the source of the vast majority of the world’s violence.  Black people in America have disproportionately low IQs.  Whatever the cause (nurture or nature) there is no doubt that this is an issue that has to be dealt with.  You can’t wish that away by jumping on some chain email that wrongly claims that there are more black men in prison than college.

4. Don’t bother with “white privilege.”  Everyone has someone more privileged than them.  What it really boils down to is saying, “You’ve had an easy life.”  No one agrees with that, because everyone’s life is hard to them.  The people who actually are privileged already agree with your proposition (because they aren’t competing with black people in their daily life, so it’s easy) and for the guy who works alongside black people (while navigating the minefield from Rule 1) it’s flat out bullshit.  He works just as hard as the black guy beside him.  “White privilege” is a cop out.

When you say “white privilege”, the white person you are talking to is going to shut down.  Don’t like it?  Tough.  It’s human nature.

5. Don’t trivialize how far we’ve come.  The grievance mongers try to make everything seem like it’s the worst thing in the history of race relations.  Let’s not forget that there are people still alive who remember actual lynchings.  Comparing a city DA being held to account for misconduct to a lynching is offensive to both white people and the black people who had to live through that.  Think about the monsterous level of bullshit there.  We have a district attorney — a black man who is not only a lawyer, but one elected by the people to run the city justice system — claiming that because he’s being held to the rules, that it’s somehow a lynching.  60 years ago, Watkins could have been actually lynched for kissing a white girl.  Now, he is a) a lawyer, b) holding elected office, c) holding the District Attorney’s office as a result of the first two.  That is an astounding amount of progress — but we’re going to ignore all of that because it is convenient for a guy who is black to inflame his supporters.

We’ve come so far from the days of Emmett Till that now black people have to find a drug smoking, fight clubbing burglarizing teenager who got killed by a stranger that he attacked at night in the rain to rally around as a sign of white oppression.

Think about that.  That’s like white people having to find a janitor somewhere who didn’t mop a white teacher’s classroom in a school as a sign of reverse racism.  It’s so far out and ridiculous that it shows that the entire underlying assumption is bullshit.

5. On some things, Black people are monolithic.  93% of black people voted for the black candidate in the last presidential election.  Black people have a counter-productive habit of closing ranks whenever white people enter the situation.  To white people, that looks like racism — because if there was ever an issue that white people were all on the side of, and all the other races were divided on, it would be a sure sign of white racism.  Trying to act like all black people are unique little snowflakes is a lie.  On a great many things — and dealing with white people about race is one of them — black people are a monolith.

6. Double standards are wrong.  Are there double standards?  Sure.  But that they exist doesn’t excuse them.  They are still wrong.  It’s wrong that black people can use the word nigger when white people can’t.  It’s a sign of weakness when black people use it.  Rachel Jeantel didn’t sound retarded to white people because of her accent.  She sounded retarded because she says stupid shit like this:

Asked by CNN host Piers Morgan: “Is there’s anything you wished you said” on the witness stand?

“Nigga,” Jeantel responded.

“The whole world say it’s a racist word,” she said, adding that she believed people changed it around [and] It start spelling N-I-G-G-A…”

What’s that mean to you? Morgan asked her.

“That mean a male,” Jeantel responded, “any kind of male. Any kind. Chinese can say nigga. That’s my Chino, nigga. They can say that.”

For the record, white people (and Chinese people) can not say nigga.  Even if she really did think that (and I don’t believe it for a second) as soon as a white person starts saying it, black people will decide to hear the “er” on the end anyways.  (See Rule #1).

You know who gets double standards?  People with disabilities.  Children.  Mentally retarded people.  You give a double-standard to people who are not normal, but somehow impaired.  Unless you want white people to keep treating black people like they are second class citizens, stop asking for double-standards, because that is part of the deal.

Oh, and in the sense of the bullshit defense put up for the ridiculous initial article, I want to make it clear that these rules are for everyone talking to white people about race, including white people.  That makes this not racist (unless there is another double-standard, in which case please review Rule 6.)

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  1. Mexigogue says:

    A Philidelphia Eagles plays is being fined for calling someone the n word. I’d be cool with it if they fined all the black players who say it too. How can you have a rule that only applies to one race? It’s either a good word to use or it’s not.