That Guy

So now, we get this news: Zimmerman Saves Family of Four in Florida Car Crash.

The deputy reported, when he arrived on the scene that one of the two men  helping the family was George Zimmerman. According to Sanford Police Zimmerman had a fire extinguisher with him. The eyewitness told Breitbart News he helped assist the family out of the vehicle and put out the fire with the extinguisher.

My emphasis, because this post really doesn’t have a lot to do with George Zimmerman.  It has to do with why Zimmerman had a gun on him that night with Martin.

Just in case.

That’s really all there was to it.  It was a tool that, when you need it, you need it, and you need it right now.  Just like a fire extinguisher, which is obviously something else that Zimmerman carries.  It’s almost certain that Zimmerman carries a first aid kit (if not a full blown Blow Out Kit with him.)  Why?  Because he’s That Guy.

I’m also That Guy.  I’ve got a gun in my car.  I also have a blowout kit in the trunk.  I don’t have the fire extinguisher in the car — I should.  But I also have the toolkit.  I’ve got a well stocked larder.  It’s like the boy scouts taught — semper paratus.

If someone has a gun, it doesn’t mean that they are some sort of vigilante itching for a fight, any more than having a fire extinguisher means that you are a fireman wanabee out setting fires to have an excuse to rescue someone.  Having a first aid kit doesn’t make you a doctor wanabee who is out injuring people so he can swoop in and treat them.

It just means you are prepared for emergencies.

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